Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The World of Aeroth!

Over the past few weeks I've been enjoying the youtube videos by Matt Colville and his world-building streams on Twitch. Because of that, I spent the weekend messing around with world-building myself.

At first I used Hexographer. Its great cause it has a free version for you to mess with and has the ability to randomly generate a map. While I think it works great, especially considering its free, I've never really come to really enjoy using it. It might be because I never had a concrete idea to begin with. Whatever the issue I have with Hexographer, it still is a pretty good map-making tool.

But over the weekend, on a whim I decided to try this program I've seen mentioned online, Inkarnate. Wow! The look of the maps it can create are very nice! Has a good amount of options to choose from and map symbols to use. While certainly more visually impressive, it does have its flaws. For one, the available space for maps is quite small, so you have to stitch multiple maps together in photoshop or scale-down everything to fit it all. Two, the tools used to create/remove land and water are still quite big when trying to create larger regional areas of a world. And finally, the colors used for much of the symbols and terrain can be quite close, kinda making harder to notice individual details. But that could just be the options I chose.

Either way, what came about from this whole experience is that I have finally created a map for a D&D setting I've been wanting to create for years. The map still have some issues, mostly with it being overly packed with stuff and labels, small near-ineligible text, and the issues mentioned above. But I like the how it came out overall.

Edit -- Updated the readability of the map and made a few minor tweaks.