5th Edition Fantasy

( Wizards of the Coast - 5th Edition SRD )

• (POST) Fumble Points -- Tired of always rolling 1s? Try this rule. Rules for 5th Edition D&D, D20-based games, and Fantasy AGE.
• (POST) Kits and Kaboodles -- A set of rules to help minimize the need to record everything a character carries. For 5th Edition D&D, D20-based games,and Fantasy AGE.
• (PDF) The Miqo'te -- The miqo'te from Final Fantasy XIV, for 5th edition D&D.
• (PDF) Santa Claus -- A 5th edition conversion of Wizards of the Coast's D20 Santa Claus.


Nathan Dulyx said...

Hey I was wondering if you still had the template for Zaheer from Legend of Korra

Demonwyld said...

Sorry, I lost the post from a site hiccup awhile back. However, I will try to dig through my old files and try to re-post it again.