Saturday, January 27, 2018

AGE of Tamriel - The Dark Curse

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Fantasy AGE. On one hand, I like the system's straight-forward mechanics, how easy it is to write for, and I really like the High Swale setting in the back of the book; remind me of TSR's old Thunder Rift setting for AD&D. On the other hand, I hate the lack of support it has been given (or lack thereof), how its magic arcana system makes it hard to have a D&D-style wizard with many spells, and wishing they would open the system up to third-party support.

In writing AGE of Tamriel, I have had a hard time wracking my brain on various issues of trying to bring the Elder Scrolls setting to Fantasy AGE. Once I had decided to fit Tamriel into the AGE system, instead of the other way around, I found it much easier to write for. However, as one can see how long it has been since my last AoT post, I haven't had the motivation to keep writing for it.

Lately I have been trying to change that. So here is my write-up for vampirism for AoT. My idea for vampirism is to treat it as a talent, with a vampire-related specialization and two additional talents for those wanting more vampiric powers. My impressions of these rules tell me that they seem very overpowered, especially if all talents are taken. Hopefully I can trim down that power and make it more balanced.

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