Saturday, May 6, 2017

AGE of Tamriel - Birthsigns

This passed Thursday, my internet went out for day and a half after an afternoon of a heavy rain and real strong winds. So I spent that Friday and first-half of Saturday working on AGE of Tamriel, bouncing around between magic talents, spells, specializations, alchemy, enchanting, and birthsigns. I ultimately spent my time on a variant rule for birthsigns. This variant rule makes birthsigns are a special talent that can only be taken at 1st level (and only with GM approval).

In designing these talents, I used the wikis for Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and the Elder Scrolls Online as a starting point. And as I'm constantly concerned about power-creep, I tried to steer clear of giving out flat bonuses. I tried relying on granting ability focuses, using unique stunts, re-rolls for a specific focus, and other benefits.

That said, I still feel like many of these talents are outright overpowered or too combat focused, while others will never seen much game-time or are just boring. Perhaps I will visit this variant rule again later on, but for now here is a PDF on what I have for birthsigns so far. I also have another idea for birthsigns, treating them like the racial benefits table. Each birthsign will have a table that you roll 1d6 on to determine your random birthsign benefit.

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