Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tidying up and adding old files

Spent the morning tidying up the static pages for 5th edition, Fantasy AGE, Basic fantasy, and the Other Games, adding back links to some of the missing game materials that I've previously had around here.

One thing I have also had added a long time ago but never made a mention of (I think), was my attempt at bringing the Stargate setting to True20. To fix that, here is a link to the PDF. Enjoy.

Edit ---

I've also gone and added lot more old files that I once had on my website long ago. These files are OLD! Old enough for me to feel kinda guilty about how bad they look and read. But, at the time I was having a blast writing up all those things. Still wished I had that kind of enthusiasm and energy back then, would post more often here if I did.

I've added...

... four PDFs detailing my long-forgotten Aliens vs Predator project for Alternity; covering character backgrounds, the Colonial Marines, the Yaujta, and Xenomorphs.

... a PDF detailing set of guidelines to creating starship identification codes for Alternity's Star*Drive setting.

... two PDFs detailing an insectoid race called the Waspfolk. One for True20 and one for Alternity.

... a PDF with new True20 options for adept characters.

... two PDFs detailing two monsters for D20 fantasy. The pettrin, a large flightless bird (possibly a conversion from a Dark Sun creature?), and the spider demon (basically a re-branded xenomorph).

... two PDFs concerning the divine for True20. First is the Avatar template for divinely-empowered mortals, and second is the Deity template for true divine beings.

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