Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Current progress on AGE of Tamriel

It has been nearly a year since the last time I put up the preview PDF for my AGE of Tamriel project. It is kinda crazy that it has been that long and I feel like I haven't gotten any closer to finishing this thing. With this project I have seen a tiny amount of the work required to seriously write something, let alone trying to make it look pretty. Much respect to those who do this for a living or as a hobby.

Since that update a year ago, I have made many minor tweaks here and there, had made major rules changes, and created a few more rules. What follows is a small list of the major changes since the last update:

• Completely new color layout.
• New weapon group, items, and basic rules for special materials.
• New/revised talents.
• Written the game benefits for most/all specializations.
• Created alchemy rules.
• Beginnings of the enchanting rules similar to alchemy.
• Tons of frustration in dealing with the magic rules!

And with that list, I feel like I really haven't done much in the past year. Guess I should go back to working on it.

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